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The Role of Critical Thinking in Children’s Risky Play

Critical thinking, risky play and outdoor learning in the Kindergarten context, arguably the ideal time to establish these important foundations for learning,

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Critical review of a research article:      Conversations about Visual Arts: Facilitating Oral Language

  Overview of article The research paper selected is “Conversations about Visual Arts: Facilitating Oral language,” authored by Ni Chang and Susan Cress (2014).  The authors’ purpose “was to explore how young children’s language skills were facilitated during or after

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Reggio Emilia inspired preschool- implementation of New Technologies

Reggio Emilia inspired preschool programs provide a framework for a best practice implementation of New Technologies within the early childhood setting. (written in 17 APR 08, for subject New Technologies in Education and Training) – Prior to iPads and iPods,

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Using Light Tables in Kindergarten

I love my light table, and many of my collages are starting to get into them. But they always say, it looks good but what can I do with it. Here are some images to provide inspiration if you have

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Computers Early Education

The question is no longer if we should have computers in early childhood education, but how. This is clearly supported in the EYLF under both learning and communication outcomes. I have to date used the paint program that comes with

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June 2020