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Why promote creativity?

<– Previous section “What is creativity?” Why promote creativity? Sawyer (Brosterman & Togashi, 1997; 2006) places us in a time of great change during which we have “shifted from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy.” The knowledge economy is

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Can we teach creativity?

<– Previous section “Why promote creativity?” Can we teach creativity? The response to this will vary depending upon which theory of creativity one follows.  There are many processes within a person that either support or hinder their creativity or their

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How to build your own light table!

I had an email a couple of weeks about where to get a light table and discussing the cost. I lost the email some how, so I thought I would do a post in response. The light table that I

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Using Light Tables in Kindergarten

I love my light table, and many of my collages are starting to get into them. But they always say, it looks good but what can I do with it. Here are some images to provide inspiration if you have

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