How to build your own light table!

I had an email a couple of weeks about where to get a light table and discussing the cost. I lost the email some how, so I thought I would do a post in response.

The light table that I use was purpose-built by a lovely parent a couple of years ago, so I went and looked for instructions on the web. I liked these instructions as they were written by an Australian using metric measurements, with materials available from Bunnings.

I went on the Reggio Emilia Tour back in April, and was inspired by the light table innovations at REmida, which I think could be merged with these instructions as I think the circular light fitting suggested on this site would work better.

They use storage containers from places like Reverse Art , Reverse Garbage, or my local Resource Rescue.

The containers look like this, brown with metal bands, they are then spray-painted silver, with round perspex placed on top and the light inside, with cords coming out the bottom.

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